5 Advertising Pieces A Small Company Needs

Affordable Advertising for Your Small Business

Many forms of marketing can be pricey such as commercials, billboards, and radio spots. Without a big budget on hand, many small businesses need to be savvy when it comes to advertising their company. There are several ways small businesses can advertise their business, however, without breaking the bank. When it comes to letting your customers know you exist without a big advertising budget, consider these five affordable advertising methods.

1. Branded Signage

Visibility is essential in letting your customers know about your business and what you offer. While it may seem obvious, simply getting your company’s name in front of your customers is a good way to bring them in through your front door. Door signs, banners, flyers, and other forms of signage are much more cost-effective forms of advertising than billboards and offer the same type of advertising.

Mark your building with a sign with your company name. Establish a banner with your company’s services at your local fair or convention. Hand out flyers at a local networking night or around town. You can easily spread the word about your business without investing thousands to do so with some branded signage.

2. Business cards

Business cards are another item you can hand to people as a leave behind so that they can reference it at a later time. These small and compact reminders of your company’s existence can be powerful as they give your customer all the important information about your business. The company name, your name, and the contact information of the business is all displayed neatly and accessibly on a card that will fit perfectly in a pocket, wallet, or purse.

Business cards are a cheap way to network with people you have conversations with and remind them about your business even when you aren’t talking to them.

3. Website

If you want advertising that works for you 24/7, is easy to maintain and is packed with information about your company, then look no further than a website. Websites are perfect advertising options for small businesses and are essential for any company that wants to look professional, credible, and real.

With affordable options from advertising companies such as Arden Web Design, websites are the perfect advertising tool to constantly feed your customers the information about your business they are actively looking for online.

4. Reviews and Recommendations

Your customers can be your biggest advocates and your own personal salespeople when given the opportunity. As many customers look for reviews on company products and services before purchasing, getting your customers to review you online is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to bring in more customers. Those who are on the fence about your company or who didn’t even know you existed previously can be swayed after reading several positive reviews about others’ experiences with your business.

You can ask each customer in person to review you online, and for extra help in gaining reviews and managing them, you can look into a review management system such as Kydos. Kydos makes it a lot easier to gain reviews by connecting with your customers at key times in the buying process.

5. Digital Promotion

Another affordable option for advertising is digital promotion through social media and AdWords PPC campaigns. Social media and PPC campaigns allow you to target an audience that is most likely to support your business. Best of all, with social media and AdWords, you can control your budget and how much you want to spend on advertising. Whether you want to boost a post for $10 on Facebook or you want to target your audience on Google for several hundred, you can control your advertising cost.

Advertising as a small business doesn’t have to break the bank when you use advertising methods that are meant for people on a budget. For affordable advertising such as the above options and more, contact Arden Web Design. As an advertising business that works exclusively for small businesses, we are experts in growing your company on a budget.

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