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Online Reputation Management For Your Small Business

Bad reviews and even no reviews can turn potential customers away from your small business before you’ve even begun selling. Have no fear – Arden has the perfect solution with our online reputation management software for small businesses, Kydos! With Kydos, you can manage online reviews, respond to customer reviews, and send review requests all from one platform.

Boost your ratings and bring in more customers by using Kydos today.

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How Kydos Can Save Your Small Business’s Online Reputation

People depend on online reviews as much as word-of-mouth, so they’ll look at your reviews before contacting you. If you want to keep customers coming to you, your small business’s online reputation needs to be squeaky clean. What past customers say about your small business can affect your future results.






Help You Engage with Customers


Build Trust in Your Business


Save Time & Hassle

With Kydos at your disposal, you’ll be able to gather more reviews than ever and shine a brighter spotlight on your small business across all review platforms. Take the first step and send the review request to your customers; you’ll love what they have to say.

Use online reputation management software to manage your small business's reputation.

How Does Kydos Help Avoid Headaches from Managing Too Many Review Platforms?

It can be challenging and time consuming to create profiles on a bunch of review management platforms. Our online reputation management software for small businesses gets your growing business listed on more than fifty review platforms, such as:

• Google
• Yelp
• Facebook
• 47+ more




47+ More

Review Platforms

Join all the other small businesses using our online reputation management software and save time and frustration.

Kydos’s Features Change the Game for Your Online Review Management Needs

With an Arden-designed website and Kydos integrated to work alongside it, your company will begin to rise to the top in your industry and capture your potential customers’ attention. Through seamless integration, we can even present your high scored reviews right on your website

A Google review curated using Kydos, an online reputation management.

You can request reviews using SMS/text messages or email, making it easy and efficient to tell your small business about their experiences.

Use Kydos For Your Small Business’s Online Reputation Management

Act now and save your small business’s online reputation before it’s too late! Schedule a free demo session with our team at Arden to learn how Kydos can provide online reputation management for you and your small business.

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